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This massage clinic & day spa is an educational department of Healing Mountain Massage School, which is a Bona fide Vocational Training Program as defined by FEDERAL CODE 29, PART 520, SUBPART C. As such, on-site workers offer & participate in vocational training for the sole benefit of student learners as part of their required coursework for graduation. All charges for student services rendered go to operate this facility and employ seasoned professionals to give experiential learning and direction to students as they assist clientele visiting the school clinic.

Students enrolled in the level 1 Experiential Practicum course are under the close direct supervision of working professionals for 160 hours. Students understand they do not receive any pay (including gratuities & gifts) while enrolled in this course. Because students enrolled in the level 2 Intermediate Clinical Applications and level 3 Advanced Clinical Applications courses have passed their initial practicum, they are under less direct supervision and, as part of their training participate in peer mentoring students new to the practicum experience. Peer mentoring is by performance, example, feedback, and offered assistance to classmates in need for a modest hourly sum. All students understand they are not entitled or guaranteed a job upon graduation.

Policy on Student Tipping

As part of the Student Experiential Practicum course required for graduation, students participate in a clinical practicum, which allows no tipping, gratuities or gifts in return for their practice time. As a result, the front desk will not process gratuities on their behalf. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We remind clinetele to honor student practitioners and the school by not tipping students enrolled in their initial practicum course. (Students, do not accept tips from clientele while enrolled in the Experiential Student Practicum course.)

Because intermediate students, graduate students and licensed massage therapists are classified as paid employees, the front desk will process gratuitites on their behalf. It is the school's policy that clientele are to process gratuities for intermediate students, graduate students and licensed massage therapists directly through the front desk staff, and not directly to the practitioner. (Intermediate, graduate and licensed practitioners, do not accept tips directly from clientele unless processed through the front desk staff.)

-- Thank you for abiding this company policy.

Page updated: 07/5/16

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